About College Party Cruise

Our story, Where we came from, who we are, and what we do…

College Party Cruise is a company developed by college students, for college students! We know what it takes to make a Spring Break epic and memorable. As undergraduates, we went on a new cruise every year for Spring Break and in the process we gathered information on what cruises would provide us and our friends with the most entertainment, best food, most beautiful destinations, and above all else… the craziest parties.

Now, as recent graduates from the University of Central Florida, we want to pass on our years of acquired knowledge to you! Our goal is to create and fine-tune an experience that will allow for the most exhilarating Spring Break cruise adventure ever. If you decide to cruise with us this year, your Spring Break will not only be the most memorable few days of your college career, but you will reflect on its glory all your life.

One of the key factors in our decision to start this company is the fact that we simply grew tired of hearing our classmates’ horror stories about their experiences with other travel agencies and agents. These are companies who just “book and dump” college kids on whatever cruise an agent feels like will give them the most commission. Other agents and agencies are completely out of touch with what it means to be in college and now there is no reason anyone looking for a good Spring Break would ever have to call any of these other companies again.

Whereas other companies spread their focus on trying to sell all types of vacations to all kinds of people throughout the year… College Party Cruise dedicates 100% of its efforts specifically catering to college students on Spring Break.

We take pride in the fact that we personally host our Spring Break voyages. College Party Cruise is not just a regular cruise, in addition to the incredible experience a cruise provides, we host our own private events on the ship featuring amazing up and coming DJs and artists… just for spring breakers.  Since we are coming with you, we are more concerned with having a good time than making a quick buck. That means we would never stick you on a cruise that we wouldn’t personally go on ourselves. Having us as your on-board hosts means that one of us will always be within a few hundred feet of you if you should need anything while you are on the ship. We attend all our cruises and make it a goal to form lasting friendships with each and every person who books with us. We want to make sure all of our customers feel like they aren’t just embarking on a cruise, but that they are putting their bags down in a second home at sea.

To be honest, we feel like our efforts really shine through every year and it is wonderful to see. You are absolutely going to love how thousands of students from all walks of life, from dozens of different universities, from every part of our nation (and the world!), become best friends in just a few days. We can’t wait for this year’s trip! Hope to meet all of you soon!

College Party Cruise is part of Ignite Cruises, LLC.

IGNITE CRUISES, LLC is registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST40272.

Our agency is registered with Royal Caribbean International