Before you board

Important information to know regarding flights, parking, port information, what to pack, and more…

What time do I need to be on the ship?

Do not miss the ship! The check-in window at Port Canaveral is from 11:30PM to 2:30PM EST. Royal Caribbean requires all guests to be checked-in and be onboard the ship no later than 2:30 PM EST (90 minutes prior to the published sailing time of 4:00pm) or they will not be permitted to sail.

Please remember to complete your Online Check-in no later than 3 days prior to your cruise.



Cruise Terminal #1
9050 Discovery Road
Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920


  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)
    • Approximately 45 miles (45 minutes) from Port Canaveral
  • Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
    • Approximately 42 miles (50 minutes) from Port Canaveral
  • Sanford International Airport (SFB)
    • Approximately 67 miles (1 hr 10 min) from Port Canaveral


Don’t miss the boat! We recommend that you plan ahead to be at the port by noon. If you arrive at the port after 3:00 PM you will not make it on the cruise (and there are no refunds!).


You have two choices for parking:

  • Park at Port Canaveral: Convenient / Higher Prices – Pricing is $17 per day – Safe, convenient, and you can walk right up to the ship.
  • “Park and Cruise” Company: Lower prices – Approximately $10 per night – These companies are close to the port and will shuttle you to and from the port. We are not affiliated with any 3rd party companies, but you may Google search for “Port Canaveral cruise parking” to find some options.


Port Canaveral


Flight Arrivals (Before the Cruise):

If you are booking a flight to and from Orlando we suggest that you consider arriving a day or two earlier so that you can take advantage of the local attractions in Central Florida. This also helps to avoid potential flight delays, baggage collection and transfer problems that could occur.

If you are flying in the day of the cruise (Monday), we recommend that you book a flight that arrives at Orlando International Airport no later than 10:30am.

All passengers must be checked-in and on the ship by 3:00 PM.

Flight Departures (After the Cruise):

Return flights should be arranged to leave Orlando after 12:00 PM. Although we will be back in Port Canaveral around 7:00 AM, the ship must be cleared by US Customs first, and the debarkation and custom’s process might take some time. The earliest you can be off the ship is around 7:30 AM. All guests must be off the ship by 9:00 AM.

Transportation from the Airport to the Cruise Port:

Please make sure you are at the port in time when arranging transportation from the airport to the cruise port.

You have several choices, please see below:

1. Taxi service (or Uber, Lyft, etc…):

Orlando International Airport: Approximately $60-$90 each way (Uber/Lyft) and $100 each way (Taxi)

Melbourne International Airport: Approximately $60-$90 each way (Uber/Lyft) and $100 each way (Taxi) – Rates subject to change

We recommend a Taxi, Uber or Lyft as these are the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient transportation options to get to the port. Shuttles are usually more expensive if traveling with friends (priced per person) and slower as you have to make several stops at the different terminals.

2. Shuttle Service Companies:

– Super Shuttle
– Go Airport Shuttle


We recommend that you consider coming in a day early before the cruise or staying one or two days after the cruise to experience all that Central Florida has to offer. Arriving a day early also helps reduce the chance of missing the ship due to unexpected flight delays or cancellations.

What to Pack

Bathing suit and sunscreen are obvious – Here’s a few recommendations:

  • Pack everything you need for the first day in a small carry-on bag and bring it on with you (cruise documents, passport/ID/birth certificate, bathing suit, sandals, toiletries, medicine, etc…). You might not get your checked bag until 7:00 PM on the first day.
  • Passport, ID, travel documentsDO NOT PACK YOUR PASSPORT/PHOTO ID/BIRTH CERTIFICATE/CRUISE DOCUMENTS IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE. Keep these  on you at all times until you are on board the ship.
  • Pack a couple of casual outfits (don’t forget shoes) for dinner, the nightclub and other venues.
  • Pack a semi-formal outfit for the “Wear Your Best” night.
  • Don’t forget your sandals and a cover-up/t-shirt.
  • Bring a small beach bag for when we get off the ship (or get yourself a CPC Merch Pack).
  • Bring some cash for when we’re off the ship in Nassau (US Dollars are used – no need to exchange currency).
  • Sunscreen!
  • Bring some sneakers if you want to go to the gym, rock-climbing, etc…
  • Leave your alcohol (beer/liquor) at home. They will check your luggage and will confiscate any liquor they see.
    • Each guest of drinking age may bring one (1) sealed 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne only in their carry-on luggage on boarding day.

If you forget anything, there are shops on-board.