CPC Ambassadors

Get rewarded for planning your group’s Spring Break!

Earn a FREE Trip and Cash!

  • Are you outgoing, organized, and hard working?
  • Do you love Spring Break?
  • Are you active on social media?
  • Are you a member of an on-campus organization, Fraternity, Sorority, or Sports Club?
  • Are you a leader?

If ALL of these apply to you, YOU are the person we need!

We are searching for campus reps and group leaders! Ensure your group has the best Spring Break experience by becoming a CPC group leader and helping to plan your trip!

Whether you are connected on campus and know a lot of people, or are in charge of organizing your group’s spring break trip, sign up to become a CPC Ambassador with us and travel free! You can earn cash AND go on a FREE Spring Break cruise! You will be rewarded once you refer a minimum of 8 cabins to us and every single cabin after that. Interested? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

How it works


Become a College Party Cruise Ambassador for Spring Break 2025. Earn a FREE cruise (reimbursed to you after the trip) by referring only 8 cabins. Once you earn your free cruise, you will start earning additional cash for each additional cabin referred!


The first step to get the ball rolling and getting anyone else to join you is booking your own cruise. Friends will naturally follow your lead.  When you book early you will lock in the lowest rates possible, and it also gives you the most time to build up your group. It won’t be difficult to get everyone interested, since most students are already looking to travel on Spring Break!


Get the word out there on your campus. Take advantage of social media to spread awareness and get people on board. The more promoting you do, the greater the rewards! We will provide you with promotion materials to make this easy. You will receive a promo code for your friends to use and receive booking bonuses, it will also help us keep track of your reservations. The more you spread the word, the more sales you will generate.


The most important thing for you to do is to get excited, have fun, build your network, and get your campus pumped for their cruise. As people start booking using your Promo code, your commissions will start adding up automatically! On the cruise, all you have to worry about is having an awesome spring break… You will receive a big check in the mail that pays you back for your cruise (and possibly more) when you come back home from Spring Break… its that simple!

Interested? Fill out the form below!